Why Can A Website Be Blocked And How To Unblock It with Ultrasurf

Thu 09 February 2017 | -- (permalink)


Reasons for blocking a website

  1. 1.    Corporations

Quite often, companies deliberately block certain entertaining websites (especially social networking sites) to monitor the employees’ office hours. In theory, you are not supposed to spend your working time chatting with your friends, so to spare you the temptations, access to certain websites is automatically denied from office computers.

  1. 2.    Government control

In some cases, countries with authoritative regimes (like China or Pakistan) can block a website if the government considers its content inappropriate. The same social networking sites are often unavailable for their supposedly ‘harmful’ effect.


  1. 3.    Educational establishments

Like big corporations, schools and colleges also tend to block ‘distracting’ websites. Some schools even block Wikipedia to prevent students from cheating on exams.

  1. 4.    Website’s own initiative

Some websites, like the mentioned above Wikipedia can block users if they find their comments inappropriate. ultrareach internet corp This is quite an easy thing to do, since your IP address is defined automatically and reveals your location. In some cases, however, the results are unsettling. In particular, Qatar (a small state in Western Asia) has only one IP address for the entire state. So, when Wiki decided to block one user, they automatically blocked the entire state! Imagine a nuisance for the rest of the population!


  1. 5.    Streaming

Finally, online TV shows are often available only in the region of origin. If you try to watch them another country, the website will figure out your IP and will automatically block the website contents in your location.

Ways to avoid blocking

Since your IP is figured out automatically, there is only way out – to offer a website another IP, the one that will not be blocked. This is only possible if your IP is not fixed, that is, if you have more than one IP address at your disposal, typically, Internet services provide you with a single stable IP address.

However, using a VPN service provider, like HideMyAss or IPVanish, will spare you the inconveniences of blocking. VPN services providers do not offer their users a fixed IP address. Quite on the contrary, you will be able to choose a variety of IP addresses from a common pool, which will make your real location and identity impossible to figure out. No more blocks of any kind!