Style Week and Me No you did not misread that

Wed 07 December 2016 | -- (permalink)

It’s true!  I went to the StyleWeek OC. Me.  That’s right, me.  It was solely due to the wonderful arrangements made by the SoCal  BlogCrush team of Suz and Marcy.  When I first saw the email invitation, I wondered if there was an ambush makeover in store for me, then I remembered that they have their own lives and realized that I would have to stage an ambush makeover for myself. This is an article sponsored by Gather -

Note to self: Ambush Makeovers are good for you. Really, really good. They remind you that you used to have just a smidge of style about 4 kids or so ago.

So I scheduled my bi-annual hair appointment, (if you’re looking, Rio at Salon Avella in Anaheim Hills. Best highlights EVER. and she even taught me how to use a curling iron properly). And, I also bought a whole new outfit.  It felt indulgent, which it shouldn’t. I am not a regular clothes shopper. More of a binge shopper. I don’t do much regular maintenance buying for my wardrobe, more just go berserk once a year and get everything at once – which is what I did. It felt good. It always does. I should really graduate to maintenance shopper.

So, Friday evening, I handed over all the childcare responsibilities to

that poor bastard

The Golf Pro and took off early, planning of shopping for the outfit which I would then wear right out of the store to the event. I found the outfit, made it to the event, forgot my Instagram device, got out my camera to take the first shot and realized I had forgotten the CF card and then ran my dorky self over to Target at light speed to get another one. You know, just a day in the life.

Then I walked into the roped off area and started looking for the Crushers…

How cool did I feel walking in here toting my camera?  Pretty freaking cool, I’ll tell you.

Nick Verreos

Nick Verreos (formerly from Project Runway) was the host who definitely brought the party with him. He made my night!  You do not want to miss him when he comes back for the Runway Glam Slam this Friday, October 7th to close out the weeks events with 3 more runway shows starting at 7pm. (I like to think we were his favorite).

Here’s a taste of the opening night…

And to cap off a great night, I managed to add to my collection of 3 photos in existence that don’t make me look hideous (Unphotogenic of the World UNITE!)

So check out the events for the week over at Style Week OC – it’s happening at both The Irvine Spectrum and Fashion Island. For Foodies, the Restaurant Rave is this Thursday the 6th starting at 7pm.

Once again, I wanted to thank Suz and Marcy. About once a month or so, the BlogCrushers come in and whisk me away, mourning dove personality and all, and work on teaching me to get my Fashionista on.  I like to think I’m getting a little bit better every time.  See you on Friday for some more Glam…

P.S. guess whose name got drown out of the hat to win the J.R. Watkins gift bag?  That’s right, me. I’m loving them! Especially the Aloe and Green Tea hand lotion. It’s gorgeous!