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If you happen to want a battery-powered stairway lift for either residential or commercial use, then the Bruno Stairlift may be just the ticket for your ride. It allows one to regain the entire home and are ideal for home accessibility that takes the user up as well as down the stairs in comfort, safety as well as effortlessly. The Bruno Stairlifts can be either indoor straight or custom-curved rail stairlifts, and there is also provision for industry exclusive outdoor straight-rail stairlifts, which is the only 400 pound outdoor stair chair lift available. There are four independent Bruno Stairlifts in the indoor and outdoor straight-rail stairlifts categories, and they each incorporate a number of features that suits individual needs and budgets. Being the leading producer of indoor stairlifts, allows one to buy ISO-9001 Certified products, and the Bruno Stairlift will meet the highest expectations as well as conform to best standards of quality, and durability. With decades of experience, the company translates its better knowledge and understanding of user needs into the finest innovative designs that makes each Bruno Stairlift unique as well as dependable.

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Four Models to Choose From

Through continuous refinement, the Bruno Stairlifts are able to provide improved as well as safe operations, and the product is rugged and durable while at the same time being good to look at, and is full of innovative features that provide the user with performance of the highest standard.

With the Bruno Electra-Ride LT, one can purchase safety, excellent performance as well as a simple to use stairlift that comes at an economical price. This battery powered stairlift ensures operations even during power failures, and does not take up space thanks to its foldable arms, seats as well as footrests. It also has generous seat size, and installation is possible on either side of the stairway, and its elegance provides a clean and elegant rail, and with start and stop features, makes it give the rider a smoother ride.

The Bruno Stairlift outdoor model, Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor is reliable and safe and can withstand the elements, and provides independence within as well as without the house. One can navigate the stairs outside the house with confidence and ease any time of the year, and the quality of such a Bruno Stairlift incorporates a number of features including special design for outdoor usage, and a powerful drive system, weather-resistant cover system that helps protect the chair from the elements, when it is not being used, and is fully tested to operate even in temperatures in the range of 25 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

This outdoor Bruno Stairlifts can be used near the front door, sidewalk as well as near a cabin door of a boathouse and has unique mobility that extends the independence of the rider in complete safety as well as securely outside the home. The Bruno Stairlifts certainly provide the best performance and are designed to last a lifetime.