Diet Beneficial Health Goals

Mon 19 December 2016 | -- (permalink)

Hearing the word diet, often thought brought on a diet aimed at achieving a slim body. In fact, this is not entirely true, because the diet can be beneficial to achieve other health goals find out more.

Diet is “setting the pattern and consumption of food and beverages are prohibited, restricted in number, modified by a specific amount for the purpose of illness treatment, health, or weight loss.” Therefore, do not be surprised if there are different kinds of diets, such as cardiac diet, a diet low in salt (for hypertension), low-calorie diet (for obesity), low-protein diet (for people with chronic kidney disease), and low-purine diet ( for people with gout or uric acid).

Back on the working principle of the body. Like a machine, the body never stops working. Synergy workings of various organs of this body someday support every step of productivity. Therefore, you need fuel, food that is in accordance with the number of activities carried out daily. You also can not just put food in your body. Because, if a lot of bad substances into the body, can inhibit the automatic work and metabolism, as well as weaken the immune system. Examples are animal foods are loaded unsaturated fat and high cholesterol.

In the proper amount, fat is actually needed by the body as a source of energy or calories, just as important as other nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals. Ideally, work in synergy of these nutrient elements will support optimal health and boost the productivity of a person. As expressed by many health experts, eat a variety of foods to get all the complete and balanced nutrition. But what happens, people will view the concept is often misguided.

Instead of going to absorb food varies, that there is actually any meal without looking at the nutritional value in accordance with the needs of the body. This will lead to many health problems and diseases. Call it like obesity, high blood pressure, hiperkolesterolemania, diabetes, and coronary heart disease (CHD). From here we are again made aware that setting a proper diet and balance necessary for any body optimally efficient. Therefore, do a diet tailored to the needs of your body and also the original intention. In fact, now the principle of any diet has been developed in such a way and adapted to food traditions in a region so comes the terms such as the Mediterranean and Okinawa Diet.